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The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching. For many of us that means throwing or attending a holiday get-together, which in turn means purchasing the liquid refreshment. May we suggest as an option the ready-to-drink cocktails from Two Chicks?

The company, as its name implies, is women-owned. Its founder, Meghan Hanna, hit upon the idea of starting up a company that delivered cocktails in a can while sitting in her backyard, enjoying a cocktail with a friend. Hanna is the mother of two daughters, one of two sisters, and was also raised by two moms (for whom Two Chicks is named). She was introduced to serial entrepreneur Linda Cash (the second of the Two Chicks) through a mutual acquaintance in July 2018.

The brand launched nationwide in the summer of 2019 with three cocktails, expanding to eight over the next few years and to ten this past spring. Each cocktail is an innovative blend of spirit (vodka, gin, tequila, or whiskey) and carefully chosen natural ingredients, such as melon, elderflower, ginger, and pear. All Two Chicks cocktails are sparkling, but rather than dilute the flavor with seltzer water, the brand uses only carbon dioxide (CO₂) to make its bubbles. All cocktails contain 5% ABV.

How Do They Taste?

For the purposes of evaluation, we chose the Two Chicks Craft Cocktail Variety 8-Pack, which has an SRP of $25 and offers four cocktail combinations, all concocted with vodka: Melon Drop (honeydew, lime), Vodka Fizz (elderflower, pear), Lemon Strawberry Kiss (lemon, strawberry, basil), and Watermelon Breeze (watermelon, lime).

Our testers were impressed with the careful balance of the ingredients and apparent freshness of the the fruit flavors. Considering the quality of the overall product and the cost, the product represents a terrific value.

Two Chick Cocktails may be purchased in the New York area from Total Wines & More as well as selected retailers in the boroughs.

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