I’m Thirsty: Wing Me a Can of … Wine?

Image: Archer Roose

The Labor Day week is upon us, which for the lucky New Yorkers with permission to grill (and, no, most leases forbid you from grilling on your terrace!) means sizzling red hots and succulent burgers. And what goes better with a cookout than a can of nice cold … red wine spritzer?

You bet. Archer Roose‘s stated mission has been to “democratize” wine by turning out potions that are as “well-suited for fine dining as they are for unrefined adventuring.” And what could be more democratic than wines in cans? And there is method to their innovation:

By becoming their own importers and using alternative packaging, our founders were able to ship wine in bulk to the U.S. at a much lower cost — meaning luxury-at-a-discount-wines in planet-friendly formats.

The brand offers two red wine varietals: a classic Malbec hailing from Mendoza, Argentina (where else?) and “Red Spritz,” a low-calorie (90), low-alcohol by volume (ABV) sparkling red wine that is ideal for summer drinking.

The Malbec boats flavors of blackberry and cherry, has an ABV of 13.5%, and is priced at $16 for a pack of four cans.
The Red Spritz has an ever lower ABV of 6% and makes sweet harmony with backyard barbecue. It is priced at $11 for a pack of four cans.
Both wines are available at ConviveWines.com.