Chocolate heart, anyone? (Jam Press/The Edible Museum)

You’ve heard of chocolate hearts, but how about chocolate brains? Both can be found on the menu of treats dreamed up (nightmared up?) by British chocolatier Sarah Hardy, who runs her own Edible Museum full of lifelike body parts, including fingers and heads, in addition to the aforementioned organs.

AppleEats has acknowledged the accomplishments of other trompe l’oeil food artists such as Texas-based cake master and sculptor Natalie Sideserf, whose three-dimensional self-portrait might be regarded as a mock study in prefrontal lobotomy.

Image: SideserfCakes via Instagram

Yet, Hardy’s hyper-realism seems to have touched a nerve (no, she doesn’t sculpt nerves) in some viewers who have reportedly accused her of “inciting cannibalism.” My recommendation to these types is to get a life — or better still buy one from Hardy. Her chocolate heart, priced at £27.75 ($31.35), is surprisingly affordable.

A Kid Can Dream: Kit Kat’s Bottomless Candy Bowl

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, I don’t recall ever encountering an unmanned bowl or plate of candy outside a house with a sign advising “Please Take One.” Apparently, some kids did and entertained mischievous thoughts of grabbing a fistful of goodies and taking off down the street.

If that included you, you may be intrigued to learn that Hersheys, which owns the Kit Kat® brand, has perfected a candy bowl that automatically replenishes when supplies run low. According to a news release, a “mesmerizing red light … will flash when the bowl magically refills for the next group of trick-or-treaters.” A video can be found here.

Kit Kat Self-Refilling Bowl (Image: Hersheys)

Obviously, no magic is involved. A censor in the bowl detects when the supply of candy bars reaches a pre-determined level and automatically refills from a reserve underneath. It’s still pretty cool to watch.

For this coming Thanksgiving, the bowl will be a reality in one city, Salem, Mass., though if you want a say in where it will “poof up next,” tell the company here.

One question: Isn’t Hersheys appealing to the worse angels of kids’ nature by inviting them to over-indulge? Meanwhile, news of a bottomless candy supply must have some dentists out there pretty ecstatic.

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