Meet the Cake Designer Whose Creations Will Have You Looking Twice

Image: SideserfCakes via Instagram

What sets Texas-based baker Natalie Sideserf apart from other bakers is that she is not hesitant to give customers a piece of her mind. Or at least a piece of her head.

Sideserf, who is known for her hyper-realistic cakes, recently dazzled cake and art lovers everywhere when she unveiled a 3D portrait of herself rendered in buttercream.

As Fox News quips, “You are what you eat and, apparently, this woman eats a lot of cake.”

To demonstrate that this isn’t merely a photoshopped image and to dispel skeptics who might suspect it was done with smoke or mirrors, Sideserf released a YouTube video of the decorating feat from start to finish.

You can see other examples of her other edible artistry on her Instagram page and by doing a Google photo search. Many of the works, like the Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuits and the onion that follow are no bigger than a conventional cupcake.

Image: SideserfCakes

Others, like her bust of Steve Carell in a purple bandana, are more ambitious.

Image: SideserfCakes

If you live in the New York metro area and are thinking about ordering one of Sideserf’s creations, unfortunately, Sideserf Cake Studio does not ship cakes and only serves the Central Texas area at this time. As to how much a cake sculpture of someone you know would set you back, be advised that the minimum price of an order is $350.