Christmas Spirit: Restaurant Customer Leaves $5,600 Tip on Order Totaling 1 Cent

Image: Provided by Souk Mediterranean Kitchen via CNN

Last month I reported on a restaurant patron who left a $3,000 tip for a single beer that ran $7.02 with tax. Now comes a story out of Ohio that has the first customer’s generosity beat and nearly doubles it. The tip in the amount of $5,600 moreover was on a food order of 1 cent. I’m not sure 1 cent buys a toothpick these days, but the size of the purchase just magnifies the customer’s largess.

The $5,600, CNN writes, was to be divided among all 28 employees of Souk Mediterranean Kitchen in Toledo, including those who had the day off. That amount works out to $200 an employee — a remarkable gesture that really captures the spirit of the holiday.

The restaurant’s chef and owner, Moussa Salloukh, is quoted as saying:

There was a lot of tears, I’m tearing up now talking about it. Your restaurant staff becomes your family and everyone cares about each other. I’ve been staying out of the kitchen to give employees hours to get through and put gifts under the tree for their kids, so this was so huge for us.

The customer’s only request of the restaurant was that they keep his identity a secret, which is hardly surprising.

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