How Tough a Breed Are New York Restaurant Lovers? This Tough

Dinner al fresco (Image via Instagram / The Smith)

Most New Yorkers were home last night, huddled over a bowl of steaming stew or some other rib-sticking dish while outside the snow swirled and the winds howled. Not everyone sought shelter from the storm, however. Some of the city’s more dedicated restaurant lovers ate dinner out — and I mean out. The Daily Mail explains:

On Tuesday, [Mayor Bill] de Blasio temporarily shut down outdoor dining on roadways due to the then-incoming wild weather conditions, but stated that restaurants could still serve customers if they were sitting on sidewalks.

Restaurants and bars across NYC appeared to take full advantage of the loophole on Wednesday night, taking to social media to show off their surprisingly busy outdoor dining areas.

In the East Village, a number of hooded, coat-wearing patrons were seen dining outside of the The Smith restaurant in the midst of the storm, with their tables dusted in a smattering of snow.

The brave diners gathered in close to one of a number of patio heaters lined up along sidewalk, as temperatures in the city plunged as low as 30F.

It’s unclear whether any of the stalwarts who ventured out to a restaurant enjoyed their meals: The heavily bundled pasta eater in the picture below seems to be having good time, though I wonder how long her spaghetti stayed hot.

Image via Instagram / 314

Others seem to be treating the experience as a challenge much like the “polar bear plunge” held each New Year’s Day at Coney Island. These two even dressed for the occasion, dragging their short sleeves out of mothballs. The waiter doesn’t seem to be having too much fun. Here’s hoping his employer made his dedication worthwhile.

Image via Instagram / Trattoria L’Ilcontro