AYCE Topokki Restaurant Open in Queens

Image: Witch Topokki

Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes New York’s first restaurant specializing in topokki. Make that restaurants — plural. Shortly after the new installation opened in Flushing last December, a satellite branch opened in Bayside.

Topokki, should the name fail to ring a bell, is a do-it-yourself Korean hotpot. A helpful graphic on the website of Witch Topokki, the name of the new venture, provides the basic procedure you follow in assembling your meal.

Image: Witch Topokki

As shown, you begin your visit to the buffet-style food bar by selecting a broth based on your spice tolerance, followed by a type and flavor of rice cake. Next comes the choice of noodle and, finally, the “toppings.” These include aromatics, such as cabbage, onion, and cilantro, and protein sources: minced sausage, lobster balls, uncooked eggs — you get the picture. You can avail yourself of a few premium toppings, such as four ounces of Angus sliced beef or “fondue” cheese, for an additional $5 per item.

Because the restaurants are all-you-can-eat, you can begin the process again as many times as you like. Be advised however that there is a 90-minute time limit, after which  diners will be assessed a 20% surcharge for each additional 30 minutes of consumption.

Base prices are $22.95 for lunch and $25.95 for dinner. Children eat for half-price.

Witch Topokki, 146-13 Northern Boulevard, Flushing; and 209-35 Northern Boulevard, Bayside.

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