As You Like It: Americans’ Preferences When It Comes to Backyard Cookouts


Thursday, Aug. 25, is National Burger Day. America loves its burgers, but there is a debate over how we like them cooked and whether the cheese goes above or below the burger patty. A study released by provides data about this and other preferences in the foods that unite — and divide — us. The findings that follow are based on a nationwide survey of 1,000 respondents.

  • When it comes to cheeseburgers, 15% of those queried believe the cheese should go under the burger! That includes almost 19% of men.
  • The most desirable level of doneness for a burger is medium, with 40% of respondents agreeing. More men (43.1%) than women (36.8%) preferred their burgers cooked medium, while more women (23.2%) than men (11.6%) wanted well-done burgers.
  • Wing “drumsticks” are the clear favorite among wing eaters, far ahead of “flats.”
  • 56.7% of respondents say grilling is the best method to prepare a hot dog. Grilling is 10% more popular with females (62.5%) than males (52.2%). Surprisingly, 12.6% think microwaving is the best way. Even worse, 27% of those ages 18-23 feel that boiling is the best method. (If anything makes you despair over the Gen Z population, this might be it!)

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