Spinoff of Williamsburg’s Llama Inn Brings Sánguches to the City

If you do a Google search for “sánguches,” you will be directed to sandwich shops in your vicinity. This is not falsehood in advertising since sánguches is Spanish for “sandwiches,” though that term fails to do justice to the creations that will be unveiled at Llamita, which opens Thursday in the West Village.

A spinoff of Llama Inn in Williamsburg, Llamita will likewise emphasize on free-wheeling versions of Peruvian cuisine but with an emphasis on sandwiches (make that sánguches!).

Among the offerings is an improbable combination of grilled chicken thigh, pineapple, bacon, avocado, and Fontina cheese, encased in one of the house’s crusty baguettes. Or consider duck sausage with potato and Peruvian corn (choclo), dressed with chimichuri and plenty of chopped cilantro.

It may be premature to declare it a trend, but I have noticed an increasing number of restaurants that have no liquor license offering smoothies. Whether it is trend or coincidence, Llamita serves up thick and delicious variations on the smoothie theme. I recommend the oh-so-refreshing fruit-and-veggie blend made with papaya, strawberry, beets, pineapple, and carrots.

Sandwiches run from $13 (for cauliflower) to $20 (for ribeye with charred onions and Gruyére cheese).

Llamita, 80 Carmine Street, near Varick St., 646-590-2771