Image: CaususGrill

If you live in a New York City apartment, your options are non-existent when it comes to warm-weather grilling. A city ordinance forbids grilling, even for apartments that have terraces.

Up until now, your options were limited to (1) get invited to the home of friends with a house in the country or (2) buying a house in the country.

Thanks to the makers of the CasusGrill, a third option exists. The CasusGrill is made from cardboard lined with lava stone, which makes it 100% biodegradable. The grill rack is made from bamboo, and the unit is able to reach up to 600 degrees in under five minutes — and with no open flame.

When dinner is over, you simply toss the unit.

Best of all, it’s cheap, with online vendors selling it for as little as $12.99. Far less than the cost of a house in the country (though nothing wrong with owning one of those, too, if you can afford it).