Where to Get Pizza Cheap or Free for the Big Game

If you’ve already decided to bite the bullet and pay more for your Super Bowl pizza this year thanks to inflation, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. If you’re not that fussy about where your pizza comes from (sorry but you knew there had to be a caveat there), you can eat for less or — in a couple or three cases — nothing at all.

7-Eleven. Yes, Virginia, 7-Eleven sells pizza … and yes, there are branches of the chain in New York. To get your free large pizza, you need to order through the 7NOW delivery app. Click here for more information.

Another purveyor of free pie is Papa John’s, though you’ll have to wait till this coming Wednesday, Feb. 16, to claim your free pies (yes, you read that right: “pies,” plural). The chain has a contest running on Twitter and Instagram that can net you free pizza for a year. You can bone up on the ground rules here. For the nonce, you can sample their new New York Style pizza for $13.

Jet’s Pizza. Yeah, I know, where? Believe it or not, there are two Jet’s Pizza locations in the city, one on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea and one on Second Avenue at 61st Street. If you want to try their pie today or any day for the foreseeable future, you can knock 20% off the menu price by using the chain’s text-to-order feature.

Another chain with an ongoing deal is Domino’s Pizza, which is offering any two or more pies for $5.99 apiece.

Finally, if the game is less important than the pizza, you can eat free at Crocodile Lounge (325 E 14th Street), where every drink you order will be accompanied by a hot, freshly made personal pizza. A sister bar in Williamsburg, the Alligator Lounge, (600 Metropolitan Avenue) offers the same deal. And who knows — they may even have the game on TV.