Tropicana Comes Out with Mimosa Maker; A Fire Escape Grows in Chelsea

The Forsyth Fire Escape Team (Image: Forsyth Fire Escape)

When I first heard about Tropicana‘s “Mimosa Maker,” I thought it must be a joke. Making a mimosa — arguably the most popular cocktail on New York’s brunch circuit — is no more complicated than pouring equal parts of sparkling wine and OJ into a glass.

Yet, here we are, and it’s no joke. At least it’s not intended to be. The orange juice brand leader has released a “mimosa maker,” by which they mean a pump sprayer that fits a bottle of their juice and is equipped with three settings: whisper, spritz, and shower. Why anyone would need such a device escapes me, but if you want one, act fast. The item will be available for a limited time only.

Image: Tropicana

A Fire Escape Grows in Chelsea

Who wants to eat food lowered from a fire escape? Who doesn’t would be a better question if the fire escape is the one connected to an apartment on Forsyth Street in Chinatown.

Begun during the COVID pandemic in 2021, the Forsyth Fire Escape as it came to be known attracted a loyal and mostly word-of-mouth following for its unique cross-cultural burritos, which substitute scratch-made scallion pancakes for the usual tortillas.

Isabel Lee, who makes the pancakes, and her partner, Luis Fernandez, who fills them with pernil, fried queso blanco, guacamole, and lemongrass, would lower the treats in a bucket off their fire escape. That remained their M.O. until their landlord served the couple with a cease and desist order. The enterprising couple began selling their high-demand wares down the block at Don Juan’s Deli & Grocery.

Then late last month, Lee and Fernandez were offered a stall at Olly Olly Market, located at 601 W. 26th Street near Twelfth Avenue. The pop-up is due to remain up for six months, after which we’ll see what happens. Should the operation move yet again, we’ll keep you apprised.