Image: Wendy's

In February I reported that fast food chain Wendy’s had announced plans to introduce Uber-like surge pricing on its menu. As I noted at the time, the field testing of the practice, better known as “dynamic pricing,” wasn’t envisioned as starting until 2025, so that fast food devotees could still look forward to plenty of time to chow down on their beloved burgers and fries.

But now it’s looking like time is of the essence after all. A strongly worded sign appearing on Reddit six days ago advises (warns?) customers that they will be faced with a 30-minute time limit to eat their food. But that isn’t all. Only food and beverages purchased at Wendy’s would be permitted on the premises. And if that’s still not enough, another of the new rules (all of which are strictly enforced) reveals that bathrooms are for customers only.

But my favorite part of the message was the last line, which reads, “Your cooperation is appreciated.” Appreciate? Hell, it’s demanded!

Image: Reddit