Thanksgiving: The Party

Brie cranberry bites (left), pumpkin pie eggrolls (Image: YouTube screen grab)

OK, it’s like this. You want to invite all of your closest friends and family for a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner, but you don’t have enough places at your table. Or conflicts arise — some family members will be turkeying at in-laws this year, for example — that prevent you from giving thanks in the company of everyone you’d like to.

What’s the solution? To throw a Thanksgiving party on a separate day. This is not a second Thanksgiving dinner. Rather, it’s a get-together, done buffet-style, where you can raise a toast with those loved ones who couldn’t be present on Turkey Day.

Setting up a Thanksgiving party doesn’t have to require a supreme effort. As you’re planning, think of finger foods or items that guests can easily help themselves to. For example, consider cranberry brie bites, the recipe for which appears below.

The main course? Whip up a batch of the Meatball Shop’s delicious Gobble Gobble Balls (recipe here).

For dessert, think outside the box. One possibility is to go international with pumpkin pie eggrolls. The recipe follows.

Who knows? A Thanksgiving party may become an annual event in your house.