Thai Diner’s Name Tells You Everything You Need to Know

Georgie’s Breakfast Sandwich (Image: Thai Diner)

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant in Bay Ridge called “Between the Toes.” Apart from conjuring up an image that is not likely to whet anyone’s appetite, the name revealed nothing about the culinary genre.

That’s a charge no one will level against Thai Diner, whose handle could not be more transparent. You want an order of curry or a whole bass steamed in the presence of aromatics? They got it. You want French toast (done with babka) or a cheeseburger? They got that, too. And how many Thai restaurants can you think of that occasionally serve strawberry rhubarb pie?

You’ll even find such diner staples as fries in gravy except that at Thai Diner, the role of the gravy is played by a peanut-studded massaman curry. The restaurant ventured into the realm of veganism several months ago by recasting one of its breakfast selections — Georgie’s Breakfast Sandwich — using plant-based ingredients. Ditto for the brownie sundae, which is made with sticky rice cream.

Thai Diner is run by the crew that operated Uncle Boons, which closed during the pandemic.

186 Mott Street, at Kenmare St., 646-559-4140.