Image: Oscar Mayer

As regular readers are likely aware, Oscar Mayer, the sausage maker, loves publicity. In 2021, the company launched a recruitment drive for new drivers of its “Wienermobile.” Two years before that they came out with a hot dog-flavored ice cream sandwich.

Imagine how hard they must be kicking themselves over failing to respond to a direct message received on Instagram last February from indie filmmaker A24 about a prospective collaboration on an upcoming film in which hot dogs play a principal role.

The film, which was released last year, is “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” the tale of a Chinese-American immigrant tasked with saving all of existence — which she accomplishes by connecting with alternative versions of herself in parallel universes. In one of those universes, people sport hot dogs in place of fingers.

Fast forward to two days ago, when the list of Oscar nominations for 2023 was released. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” came in with the most nominations of any movie with 11!

Oscar Mayer responded to the news with this Instagram post:

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