'Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer ice cream sandwich...' (Image: Oscar Mayer)

Back in the days when “Mad” magazine was funny, they did a send-up of Baskin-Robbins in which the flavor of the month was halvah-lasagne chip. But that was a long time ago. And in the time since, the palates of American foodies have become so jaded that outrageous “flavors of the month” are the new reality.

For Exhibit A, we turn to Chicago-based meat and cold-cut producer Oscar Mayer, which just rolled out its newest impossible taste treat: the Ice Dog Sandwich, which, according to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, “is made to taste just like an Oscar Mayer wiener.” Do I hear a resounding “Yum”?

The Ice Dog Sandwich features hot-dog-flavored ice cream next to a spicy mustard gelato that is sandwiched between bun-colored cookies. The hot-dog-flavored ice cream is a sweet cream infused with real candied hot dog bits.

The part of the wafers in a conventional ice cream sandwich is played by “cookie buns,” whatever those are.

If you want to find out how can you sample one (though why you’d want to is beyond me), Oscar Mayer advises that you send them a Direct Message on Twitter, which can only be accomplished if you follow them, which seems to be the whole idea.