The Russian Dumplings Are Coming! The Russian Dumplings Are Coming!

Image: Daa! Dumplings

In Italy, they’re called ravioli, in Japan shumai, in Jewish cuisine kreplach, in China wonton. No matter what name you call them by or what culture they hail from, dumplings are a staple of virtually every cuisine.

Beginning on Feb. 27, a new contender for your dumpling dollar will open in Columbus Circle’s Turnstyle Underground Market. Its name is Daa! Dumplings, and as you may have guessed from the first word — daa is Russian for “yes” — the dumplings are Russian (aka pelmeni).

Daa! offers four options on the dumpling theme: beef and pork, chicken, lamb and feta, and potato and mushroom. All are served in a cardboard cone with a pickle (when in Minsk!) and can be embellished by any of several sauces, plus a dollop of sour cream.

Stop by and opening day and buy any size dumpling. In exchange, you’ll receive a promo code good for any regular-sized dumpling on the house on your next visit.

Daa! Dumplings, Unit #28 at Turnstyle Underground Market (57th St. and Eighth Ave), 212-757-6207.


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