Ed’s Lobster Bar’s Lobster Roll with White Truffles

Ed's lobster roll with white truffles (Image: Ed's Lobster Bar)

Yesterday, as I was editing our column on the availability of tickets for the Lobster Rumble to be held in June, I was reminded of a similar phenomenon some years back.

I recalled that Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo, which is justifiably famous for its lobster rolls, ran a promotion one December in which the restaurant’s signature rolls and excellent and lobster ravioli were both adorned with a thick layer of white truffles from Alba.

I also remembered that Ed McFarland, owner of Ed’s, had graciously provided me with a recipe for those truffled lobster rolls, which he sold for $80 a copy. That may sound a little pricey until your consider the current market prices, which can run as high as $6,000 a pound.

Inasmuch as we are in white truffle season again, it seemed like the perfect time to run the recipe for this outrageous delicacy. Needless to say, you will have to acquire your own white truffles. The second of these would be an especial challenge if you weren’t living in New York, where you have several options. At Sabatino, you can get fresh white truffles for $159 an ounce.

Now without further ado, the recipe.

Ed’s Lobster Bar’s Lobster Roll with White Truffles

For the lobster salad:

  • 4 whole 1¼ to 1½ pound lobsters
  • 2 ounces clarified butter
  • 1/4 bunch chives, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • White truffles

For the rolls:

  • 4 top-split hot dog rolls
  • 1/3 cup butter


  1. Boil whole lobsters in heavy stockpot until they float. Remove from water and place in ice bath.
  2. When chilled, shell the meat, clean by removing any cartilage in claw and devein the tail. Chop lobster into bite-sized chunks.
  3. Warm lobster in sauté pan with clarified butter.
  4. Melt butter in small sauté pan on medium to high heat. Place hot dog buns in sauté pan and toast in butter until golden on each side.
  5. Stuff each roll with a generous portion of lobster mixture and top with a sprinkle of chopped chives. Shave white truffles on top.

Yield: About 4 servings

Ed’s Lobster Bar, 222 Lafayette Street, 212-343-3236.

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