Natto (Image: Sankyodai)

Almost everyone in the food business has a tale of misery to share in this plague year. Almost everyone. The owners of Sankyodai, a small, Japanese family-owned and -pperated food business in Brooklyn are the exception. Their business has thrived and actually grown online during the pandemic.

What is Sankyodai’s secret? They make natto, a little known (to these parts) superfood made of fermented soybeans. Rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, natto is believed to build stronger bones and increase the health of your heart and immune system.

What is natto? Answering that question is where things get a little dicey. According to Healthline, Natto “has a unique consistency and surprising smell.” If that doesn’t give you pause, the food is described later as having “a slimy, sticky and stringy texture.”

But all that may be culture shock and nothing more. If you had trouble swallowing your first oyster or first bite of octopus, a word to the wise may be sufficient.

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