Many eons ago in a galaxy far, far away, fast food vendors became embroiled in a marketing battle royale known as the “burger wars.”

A New York Times article from 1998 titled “Steal This Burger” recalls those bloody skirmishes between Burger King and McDonald’s the goal of which was to outdo at every turn.

Memories of those long-ago jousts came to mind when we got wind of a new promotion at Mickey D’s called “Throwback Thursdays.” Each Thursday, beginning tomorrow, Jan. 28, the chain is selling one or another of its staple items at a heavily discounted price. Tomorrow, the target is a small shake. The item, which normally sells for $2.19, can be yours for 25 cents. The only catch, and it’s a small one, is that a $1 minimum purchase is required.

In order to take advantage of the promo, you need to download the McDonald’s app, which you can do here.

The promotion runs through Feb. 14. For a listing of all sale items, visit the chain’s webpage.