Your Pizza Has Been Cleared for Landing

Images: petrovhey/Pixabay, aitoff//Pixabay, via AppleEats staff

That is not a message you usually received when the pizza you’ve ordered is about to be delivered, but it may became SOP in the future.

The website Axios reports:

A fledgling system north of Tel Aviv has three drones making six test runs a day from a Pizza Hut to designated parking lots, where drivers pick up the meals and deliver them the “last mile.”

For just over a month, Pizza Hut Israel has been working with a restaurant logistics company called Dragontail Systems to test delivery by drone from a single store in Bnei Dror.

Plans are already underway to bring the technology stateside with the FAA having just given clearance to to a Massachusetts company to fly fully automated drones. Forward thinkers are envisioning a future in which delivery systems like this are “ubiquitous across America, with food and merchandise shuttled overhead to centralized landing hubs (as opposed to your doorstep or balcony).”

I don’t know. I think they’re missing a big opportunity here in New York where “balcony” delivery would be a major plus, especially considering the traffic on the ground you would need to battle with to reach the centralized landing hub.