Image: video screen grab from "Rick and Morty" via Adult Swim

Apparently life does imitate art. For one day only, Oct. 7, McDonald’s is reprising its Szechuan sauce, first introduced in 1998 in connection with the Disney movie “Mulan.”

Although McDonald’s isn’t confirming it, the return of the sauce is almost certainly a nod to fans of the hit cartoon series “Rick and Morty,” which built its season three premiere in part around a search for the long-defunct sauce.

After the episode aired on April Fool’s Day, the internet lit up with demands that McDonald bring back the sauce. So great was the outcry that the YouTube pop-culture cooking show “Binging [sic] with Babish” devoted an episode to reverse engineering the sauce:

In the interests of full disclosure, I will tell you that I didn’t sample the sauce during its first life and don’t intend to sample it this time, though for those of you eager to know what all the fuss is about, here is a complete list of Manhattan locations that will feature it:

  • 541 6th Ave. & 14th St., 10011
  • 4040 Broadway & 170th Street, 10032
  • 1872 3Rd Ave. @103rd Street, 10029
  • 809-811 6th Ave. @ 28th, 10001
  • 556 7th Ave. & 40th, 10018
  • 262 Canal Street, 10013
  • 160 Broadway, 10038
  • 26 East 23rd Street, 10010
  • 18 E 42nd Street @ 5th Avenue, 10017

The sauce will begin being served at 2 p.m., and if you want in it you are advised to arrive early.

For listings in the boroughs and other cities, check here.