Image: Ichiran

Ichiran, the Japan-based chain that claims to have put tonkotsu ramen on the map, will be unveiling a vegan version of its paint-by-the-numbers ramen kit tomorrow, March 1. The kit will be available locally at Inchiran’s outposts in Midtown, Times Square, and Brooklyn, as well as at its online store beginning March 15.

According to a press release, the product is the culmination of an extensive six-year journey of research and development, involving hundreds of recipes and countless taste tests, all with the goal of developing a completely vegan version of tonkotsu ramen that boasts the same depth, richness, and smoky flavors of the original.

Each kit contains the classic thin noodles, a packet of Ichiran’s “Original Spicy Red Seasoning,” a broth concentrate for flavor, and a “Ramen Oil” for creaminess. For sticklers, the kit bears the Vegan certification from the VegeProject, a non-profit organization promoting plant-based options in Japan.

Priced at $20 and offering two generous portions, the vegan ramen kit is designed for effortless preparation in three to four minutes.

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