Image: Skirt Steak

One thing you can rely on at Skirt Steak is that your server won’t get your order wrong. That’s because the restaurant serves only one thing — skirt steak with endless frites and a green salad.

The restaurant, now in its third week, is the latest effort by Chef Laurent Tourondel of the once-ubiquitous BLT empire (BLT Steak, BLT Prime, and the now-defunct BLT Burger and BLT Fish) to corner another piece of the Manhattan market. The one-size-fits-all formula has been deployed before, by another Frenchman, no less. Le Relais de Venise at Lexington and 52nd has been selling the same steak-fries-salad combo, mostly to tourists, since 1959.

Skirt Steak endeavors to outdo Le Relais by featuring American Wagyu beef and undercutting the price: A steak dinner at Skirt Steak is $28. At Le Relais it is $31.95.

Rumor has it that Skirt Steak offers a secret menu that includes a burger and cauliflower steak, which you can get in on if you’re so inclined by claiming you “heard it from the chef.”

835 Sixth Avenue (at W. 29th St.), 212-201-4069