Image: Camaje

If the winter chill is beginning to seem interminable, you have two options for staying warm this weekend: (1) Stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head or (2) marshal the energy to brave the cold long enough to bundle yourself into an Uber and head down to Camaje in the Village for a class in winter soups and stews.

The restaurant does regular cooking classes, but this Sunday the focus is on gut-warming concoctions beginning with the essentials — roasted chicken stock — and moving on to techniques for some soul-satisfying meals in a bowl.

The menu on Sunday will include Tuscan white bean, kale & sausage stew; coq au vin; French onion soup; and curried coconut and red lentil soup.

As of this writing, eight spots remain open. Tickets, which may be purchased here, are $125.

Camaje, 85 MacDougal Street, 212-673-8184.