Remember EZ Bake Ovens? They’re still around, though a new food-related toy available this year takes early childhood food play to a whole new dimension. It’s called “Snacks for Two” and it seems like the perfect gift for the true foodie’s toddler.

The toy, produced by Fisher-Price and meant for ages three and up is made of fake food, which is nothing new, except for the details. “Snacks for Two” mimics the sort of picnic lunch you may have once had in Paris. There is salami, a small wheel of cheese that appears to be either brie or camembert, grapes, and a couple of water crackers. All the foods are made out of either fabric or plastic.

The kit also includes fabric napkins imprinted with puns (“Let it brie,” “You’re grape”) and there are even “faux-marble plates, a wood-accented cutting board, and a tiny toy knife.

The item, if you’re interested, is available on Amazon for around $14.