Image: Manischewitz via AppleEats staff

You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate this post — or maybe you do. I stumbled across this this morning and thought it had to be a goof. What sane person would want to eat hot dogs stuffed with gefilte fish, a dish made by poaching and grinding whitefish and pike?

So I checked out the Twitter page of Manischewitz, which describes itself as the nation’s leading brand of kosher food products, and found that its motto — “We’re more than just matzo!” — is true. Boy, is it true! Not only is the company selling gefilte dogs; it is also topping its frozen pizza with chunks of the fish forcemeat.

And it doesn’t stop there. Last April, in time for the Passover holiday, the company sold hash brownie-flavored macaroons. I don’t quite get the connection between Passover and CBD. But that’s not the weirdest thing Manischewitz marketed for the eight-day-long celebration. They also sold borscht-flavored brownies.

Want weirder? How do horseradish macaroons strike you?

And let’s not forget the kiddies.