Italy Says No to American-Style Pizza; Rao’s to Open a Miami Beach Location

Image: YouTube screen grab

The idea wasn’t all that far-fetched when you consider Europeans’ passion for American fast food hamburgers and fried chicken. But maybe bringing American-style pizza to the land that invented the dish was too much for Italians to swallow.

This past week Domino’s closed the last of its stores in Italy seven years after launching its “invasion.” The company’s original plan was to “distinguish itself by providing a structured national delivery service along with American-style toppings including pineapple,” according to Bloomberg. But pizza makers in Italy showed that two can play the same game and inked deals with third-party services such as Deliveroo Plc and Just Eat

As Domino’s slunk away with its tail between its legs, it was greeted with a chorus of hoots and jeers on social media:

My initial impulse was to think these people were being mean-spirited and gratuitously vindictive till I recalled that Domino’s charged $30 a pie to revelers braving the frigid temperatures in Times Square two New Year’s Eves ago.

Rao’s to Open a Miami Beach Location

Speaking of red sauce, Rao’s, the Harlem Italian outpost that is arguably the hardest restaurant in the world to get into, is opening a satellite in Miami Beach. According to World Red Eye, which broke the story on Instagram, the third member of the Rao’s family (the second is in Los Angeles) is slated to open in South Beach in early 2023. No word yet on when it will begin taking reservations, but smart money says it’s already booked solid for the foreseeable future.

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