Ghost Whopper (Image: Burger King)

Be afraid, be very afraid. Or hungry. Or something.

Burger King, which has made an annual ritual of offering a variation on its Whopper to mark the arrival of the witching hour (in 2015, it was the disgusting-looking ‘Black Whopper’) has announced this year’s Halloween variant, the ‘Ghost Whopper.’

The name might lead you to expect it’s made with the insanely hot ghost pepper, which registers 1,041,427 Scoville units, but is not. Instead, the name is meant to describe the rather pallid appearance of the sandwich, which is served on a white, white-cheddar-flavor bun.

“Burger King is known for its crazy Halloween burgers and stunts, and this year the brand is taking things to the next level,” the chain notes in a press release.

As part of the justification for the promotion, the chain hired a psychic named Riz Mirza to appear in an ad campaign in which he performs a “spirit taste test.” In the video of the promo, which follows, Mirza can be seen summoning the spirits of the dead to sample the sandwich and tender their opinions.

It seems to be BK missed a golden opportunity by not including grave-y as one of the ingredients of the “Ghost Whopper.”

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