Impossible Whopper (Image via Burger King)

When AppleEats’s team of tasters sampled Burger King’s Impossible Whopper earlier this year, they declared that the “meat” patty failed to live up to its hype. This might be reason enough to pass on the plant-based burger, but a veterinarian in Milesville, S.D. just provided 18 million better reasons if you’re a man. His name is Dr. James Strangle, and according to claims he made last week in Tri-State Livestock News, the Impossible Whopper may be downright dangerous for men to eat. From the article:

… [L]et’s compare the estrogen hormone in an impossible whopper to the whopper made from hormone implanted beef. The impossible whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen. Now let me refresh your metric system. There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in one milligram (mg). That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper. Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.

Now, mind you: This is one doctor’s opinion. No corroborating evidence has been published. But any males of the species reading this are advised to at least entertain a moratorium on the Impossible Whopper until more information is in.

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