Image: Sherry-Lehmann

New York’s elite wine retailers are suddenly in the news. Last week we reported that Acker Merrall Condit Wines had been fined $100,000 following accusations that it was selling bottles of counterfeit bourbon. Now 88-year-old Sherry-Lehmann is reportedly having some troubles of its own.

According to MSN via the New York Post, the shop, which of late has been strapped for cash, abruptly closed down yesterday after receiving a cease-and-desist order from the State Liquor Authority (SLA). The order cited Sherry-Lehmann’s failure to renew its liquor license, which expired on Feb. 28.

The store currently owes the SLA $4,298 for a three-year license. it is also in arrears to employees and vendors and has not met all of its tax obligations.

“Before the letter arrived Thursday, the store was a shell of its former self, with bare shelves and an abundance of relatively cheap wine on offer, including a $15 bottle of Chateau Franc Couplet Bordeaux.”…

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