Image: 16 Handles/Junior's, Urban Desert Lab

When Baskin-Robbins made Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one of its 38 flavors of ice cream in 2019, traditionalists took it as a shot across the bow. We took it as a sign of veganism’s growing permanence, and sure enough in the years since, non-dairy ice cream has been gaining ground on the conventional stuff. One local shop that has lent credibility to the non-dairy movement is Urban Dessert Lab on the Lower East Side, which just unveiled a new s’mores flavor. Available at the CAMP store on Fifth Avenue only, the flavor combines “créme,” a cinnamon graham crumble, and a runny chocolate nucleus that oozes out slowly when you bite into it. For added kicks each serving is crowned by a marshmallow that looks like it was just pulled from a campfire. A cone or cup is $8. CAMP Store. 110 Fifth Avenue, 917-997-0439.

What Would Happen if Junior’s Cheesecake Met Fro-Yo?

If it’s a question you’re interested in knowing the answer to, stop by 16 Handles this weekend for a scoop of Junior’s Cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt. While supplies last, you can convert the flavor into a strawberry cheesecake sundae by topping your scoop with Junior’s macaroon crunch, sliced strawberry sauce, and vanilla wafers.

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