How to Score a Free Five Guys Cheeseburger? Watch This Hack

Image: Five Guys

It’s been a long time since someone dreamed up a scheme to net free food as clever as the one devised by JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia. The pair’s plan beats the system at burger chain Five Guys by working within the system.

Lambiase and Goolia noticed these facts:

  1. The standard cheeseburger at Five Guys includes two burger patties.
  2. Toppings are free and limitless and can be delivered on the side.
  3. There is no charge for an extra bun.

To turn one cheeseburger into two, Lambiase deconstructed the sandwich, placing one of the patties on the second bun. He then added toppings to taste, and — voilà — lunch or dinner was served.

The following TikTok video demonstrating the hack was posted on HellthyJunkFood on Oct. 4. It has since been viewed more than 4.2 million times:

@hellthyjunkfoodGet a FREE Cheeseburger ? @fiveguys with this easy #foodhack #fyp #lifehack #fiveguys #freefood♬ original sound – HellthyJunkFood

So is the hack kosher? According to Fox News, 7 out of ten viewers were positive toward the approach. Some complained that the second burger wasn’t technically “free,” arguing that the cost of the ingredients was baked into the $7.69 price of the sandwich. There is certainly nothing illegal about the stunt. What’s your opinion?

For the hack to work in its totality, by the way, one of the two eaters needs to be content with a cheeseless burger since the two slices of American are confined to the bottom burger.

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