Image: Pexels / Pixabay

According to a study conducted by the dating website, 43% of Americans have been on a blind date. The authors of the study don’t specify how often these dates lead to a second date, but I assume most have turned out the way mine have, which is to say “one and done.” That’s the way one blind date in the Chinese province of Zhejiang turned out, but it is unlikely either participant will soon forget the experience.

The New York Post reports (via Taizhou Evening News) that the date, which was for dinner, was arranged by a mom who was concerned about her son’s lack of dating. Hoping to impress his date, the son, Mr. Lui, agreed in advance to cover the cost of the meal. Little did he suspect that the woman was bringing along a chaperone … or ten. Actually, she carted along her entire extended family, all 23 of them.

Lui’s next surprise came when the bill arrived. The bottom line was 20,000 yuan, or $3,100! Lui did what I hope every red-blooded man or woman would do in the same situation: He bolted.

The woman later explained to the media that the reason for her little stunt was to test Lui’s generosity before committing to a relationship. Lui for his part offered to pay a reasonable part of the bill, hoping that the woman’s family would cover the rest.

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