Heinz’s New ‘Creamz’ Kits Permit You to Turn Your Favorite Condiments into … Ice Cream?

Heinz Creamz (Image: Heinz)

America’s favorite brand of ketchup is now determined to become America’s favorite ice cream flavor. The New York Post explains:

Heinz, best known for its ketchup and other condiments, has decided to dip its toe – or scoop, rather – into the ice cream scene.

Heinz has released DIY “Creamz” kits that allow purchasers to create their own Heinz-condiment-flavored frozen dessert. The flavors come in mayo, BBQ, salad cream, MayoChup and, of course, ketchup — though, as the most iconic of the trio of sauces, the ketchup has reportedly sold out, according to the Heinz website.

OK, let’s freeze the picture right there. They’ve sold out of ketchup-flavored ice cream? To whom? I grant you, I’ve tasted some bizarre ice cream flavors in my time, but who in his right mind is lining up to sample ice cream tinctured with ketchup?

It’s a moot point anyway at the moment because the kits, which sell for £15, are available only in the UK. If you’re really gung-ho to try condiment-flavored ice creams, Heinz will give you the recipe online.

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