Image: McDonald's

P.L.T., we hardly knew ye.

If you didn’t hear about the P.L.T. — short for “plant, lettuce, and tomato” — it’s because the sandwich, tested out by McDonald’s in Canada, never made it this far south.

Anyway, you won’t be getting a chance to sample Mickey D’s answer to the Impossible Whopper because the chain pulled the sandwich two months ago despite initial high hopes for it.

Food & Wine reports:

In January, McDonald’s announced that it had doubled the number of Canadian restaurants that were demo-ing its Beyond Meat-topped Plant, Lettuce, and Tomato (P.L.T.) burger, which meant that the sandwich was available in 52 locations in southwestern Ontario. At the time, it said that its test run would continue for three more months.

It probably says a lot about how 2020 has gone so far that McDonald’s quietly removed the P.L.T. from those menus in late April, but nobody seemed to really notice until last week. According to the CBC, McDonald’s did not publicly comment when the test-run ended in April; all it did was pull all of the P.L.T.-related information from its website. “We have no current plans to bring it back to our menu at this time,” the official McDonald’s CanadaTwitter account told one dejected P.L.T. fan in April. “[W]e will be sure to share your feedback with our team for future consideration.”

We weren’t holding out much hope for the P.L.T. anyway, following out tasting panel’s less-than-enthusiastic response to Burger King’s contender in the plant-based burger market, but now it’s a moot point.

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