Image: Krispy Kreme

This reminds me of the bribes that were common in my household growing up. Finish all your green beans, and you get dessert. Bring home a good report card, and you get a raise in your allowance.

This time the dangling carrot is a free Krispy Kreme donut, and not just once but for every day for the rest of the year. The stick? It’s literally that: It’s your COVID-19 vaccination record card proving that you’ve been “stuck” at least once.

The promotion began yesterday, and according to the company, “conscientious objectors” who choose not to get vaccinated also qualify for a free Original Glazed doughnut and a medium brewed coffee. The deal for holdouts is limited to Mondays for some reason and runs from March 29 through May 24 of this year.

The offer is good only at participating Krispy Kreme stores and is not redeemable online.

For a map of locations in the city, check here.