French Rotisserie Georgette Has Closed

Image: Rotisserie Georgette

It’s funny. Ask people what image is conjured up by the word rotisserie, and most will say a quick meal, usually chicken, acquired from the local supermarket on a weeknight. We seldom think or rotisserie cooking as having French roots, this despite the technique and word deriving from the French verb rôtir, “to roast.”

Rotisserie Georgette helped New Yorkers make that connection. Opened six years ago by Daniel Boulud alumna Georgette Farkas, Rotisserie Georgette dispensed succulent French-style renditions of roasted chicken, steak, fish, and lamb. in 2015, Farkas was recognized with a “Restaurateur of the Year” award from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

On New Year’s Eve, the Upper East Side fixture closed. A note from Farkas from the restaurant’s website, which for the nonce is still running, gives no explanation for the closure, offering instead a heartfelt thanks to regulars:

I thank our immensely loyal patrons who became very much a part of our restaurant family. You cannot imagine what a privilege it has been to get to know you and how much I will miss serving you. I must also thank our investors, whose patience, guidance and encouragement made this endeavor possible.