‘First Course NYC’ Will Teach You to Cook for Free, Then Find You a Restaurant Job

Student at First Course NYC (Image: WPIX screen grab)

It sounds too good to be true — a cooking program that is free to New Yorkers and then finds budding chefs a job. It exists, though. It’s called “First Course NYC,” and it’s a one-of-a-kind apprentice program for aspiring chefs.

According to WPIX, “The 14-week program is a collaborative effort between Hostos Community College, the city’s Small Business Services, and the Food Arts Center in midtown.” Last Friday the network took its cameras to the Food Arts Center, and here is their report.

Steven Picker, executive director of the program, is quoted as saying:

To be able to make the connection and provide access to under employed New Yorkers who often don’t have the opportunity to get this because they can’t afford the high cost of culinary training it’s a tremendous opportunity.