Eat a Bug: Save a Tree

Bugalicious (Image: Brooklyn Bugs)

We’ve run items before on restaurants that serve creepy crawlers, a short list of which can be found at the bottom of the current post. We’ve even written about the health benefits of drinking cockroach milk. We’ve never before openly endorsed the practice of entomophagy, the practice of eating insects by people.

Meet someone who does. His name is Joseph Yoon, he is executive director of Brooklyn Bugs, and he calls himself an “insect ambassador.” His mission is to raise appreciation and awareness for bug consumption, which he achieves “through delicious, educational, and creative programming.”

According to the website:

We strive to introduce edible insects and normalize them in America as a sustainable source of protein that can be found in your pantry, eaten as a snack, and beautifully plated by chefs.

Some of Yoon’s edible preparations can be seen in the video that follows, which also reveals that entomophagy can help combat global warming. (Be advised that eating gummy worms and similar treats does not qualify.)

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