Mmm, just like grandma made (assuming grandma is a robot). Image: Natural Machines

It’s not delivery, but it’s not DiGiorno, either. It’s pizza that you made yourself at home, albeit with a little help from your friends in the world of high tech.

It’s Foodini, and it is a 3D printer that prints food.

Foodini is the brainchild of a small Spanish startup called Natural Machines, which has been quietly working over the past half decade or so at perfecting 3D food printing. The fruit of their labors is nearly ready for primetime, though don’t expect it to come cheaply. The item will retail for around $4,000 — not quite the food toy to surprise your partner with.

According to Natural Machines’s website, “The food is real food, made from fresh ingredients prepared before printing.” The process by which the device works, however — it prints by extruding food from stainless steel capsules that the user preloads — makes the end result sound less than appetizing.

Here’s a video of the Foodini in operation.