Dog & Bone Joins the Rapidly Growing Dog-Friendly Restaurant Scene

Hot dog (Image: Dog & Bone)

Restaurants catering to man’s best friend are continuing to proliferate all over the city.

The latest arrival, Dog & Bone, offers a twist that calls to mind the episode of “The Twilight Zone” titled “To Serve Man,” which is to say the restaurant serves dogs in both senses. Not only are you welcome to bring your pooch, but you are given the opportunity to dine on dogs — hot dogs and sausages, that is. Dachsund owners should feel especially welcome.

D & B, which makes its home at the corner of Third and 25th Street, specializes in artisanal hot dogs that it claims were “inspired by an English Bulldog named Winston.” In what way Winston was an inspiration they don’t say, although the website reveals that dog and bone is English slang (Cockney rhyming slang, I’m guessing) for “telephone.”

But enough of this chitchat. The food is what we’re all here for, and the hot dogs will bring a smile to your face. All are served on a toasted potato roll and accompanied by very good homemade potato chips. The bratwurst has the requisite snap when you bite into it, releasing hot juice. The beef, closest to a conventional frank, is also good — very garlicky and heavily smoked. Yes, there is a vegan option.

The menu offers variations on the sausage theme (bangers and mash with onion gravy) and a departure from them: Grilled chicken or salmon with roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes are listed under “Not a Dog Person.”

There’s also a moderately priced brunch menu that offers several enticements such as a breakfast poutine (cheddar brat, home fries, gravy, fried egg, and fresh chives) and a full English breakfast that includes black pudding. (If you have to ask…)

So saddle up Fido while the weather is still fair, and seize one of the tables in the outdoor sidewalk cafe.

Prices run from $12 to $29 (for three “signature” dogs).

Dog & Bone, 338 Third Avenue, at 25th Street, (212) 889-1570. Open for dinner daily, lunch Monday through Friday, brunch on weekends.