As Kids Return to College, a New Twist on an Old Dorm Room Standby

Ramen Kit (Image: Ichiran)

The days are growing shorter, and soon the leaves will be falling: time for the collegians in your life to head back to school for the fall term.

In the past, preparing for a continuation of dorm life would mean packing plenty of instant ramen to be immersed in a mug of boiling water for a quick lunch between classes.

But now, ramen lunches have taken a turn for the more authentic. Ichiran, the ramen chain whose local flagship is found on West 49th Street (reviewed here), has upped the ante on dorm-room repasts with a meal kit that includes the essentials of a genuine tonkatsu ramen lunch or dinner. Each kit features three servings of individually packed noodles, dried broth, and original spicy red seasoning (hiden no tare).

The kits sell for $29 (OK, they’re not an everyday indulgence, especially if your son or daughter is on the university’s meal plan) and are shipped all over the country. Free shipping on orders of three or more kits. Allow 7 to 15 days for delivery.