Your table is ready (Image: Instagram, Christina Hurt)

Suddenly, dining on the edge of space doesn’t sound quite so daring. Rota Aventura, an adventure tourism operator based in South America, is offering a picnic with a birds-eye view of Cascata da Sepultura — a 250-foot waterfall in Brazil — that is literally for the birds.

In the video that follows, Christianna Hurt, a Florida native, and her boyfriend, rapper OnPointLikeOp, can be seen feasting on picnic foods and wine while the thundering falls hurtle downward a few feet from their table.

Apart from the obvious challenges the experience poses — chief among them being how you keep your food down — is how you go about summoning your waiter, should that even be an option.

An article at the Daily Mail covering the death-defying incident notes that Hurt prepared for her lunch en plein air the day before by going cliff-jumping.

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