Dine in the Dark This Saturday at Camaje

Image: Camaje

Have you ever closed your eyes and trying to identify a bite of food that was fed to you? How about an entire meal?

If you’d like to find out what it’s like, head on over to Camaje in the West Village tomorrow, Apr. 7, for one of the restaurant’s Dinners in the Dark.

The restaurant has been hosting multi-course “dark dinners” for years. Wine is included.

The concept got its start in Paris in 1997, where it was called “Le gout du noir” (a taste of night). In 2003, a restaurant devoted to dark dining called “Dans le Noir” was opened, becoming the first permanent dark dining restaurant, eventually spawning an international chain of such eateries.

As to what you can expect at Camaje, according to Eventbrite:

  • Diners wear comfortable blindfolds throughout the event. The dining room is not dark.
  • Menus are secret until the end of the meal so naturally guests have fun guessing which food and wine is on the plate and in the glass.
  • Any dietary restrictions can be accommodated. When you purchase your tickets you will be prompted to tell us of any allergies or dislikes.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance at camaje.com. Pricing is all-inclusive (food, wine, tax and gratuity).
  • On arrival, we give you an orientation outside and answer questions before leading you into the dining room with your blindfold on.

The cost of the dinner is $95. Tickets may be purchased here.

Camaje, 85 MacDougal Street