Pop-Up Museum Devoted to Eggs Opening Apr. 7

Image: The Egg House

They are one of the most versatile foods known to man and are consumed as a staple in virtually every culture in the world.

They are eggs, and if you think they are only for breakfast, prepare to have your horizons expanded when you visit The Egg House, the city’s first egg-themed museum. The pop-up, which will be interactive, will open on Apr. 7 and is scheduled to remain open through June 27.

Among the attractions will be pool filled with egg-shaped balls, an indoor garden, and a secret room where something “egg-citing” is sure to take place.

The 3,300-square-foot experience will be multi-sensory, incorporating not only sight but sound, smell, and — yes, foodies — taste. The Egg Shop in SoHo will have a satellite on-site dispensing its Hong Kong-style egg waffle cones. Complimentary samples of eggnog will also be served.

Tickets, which range in price from $12 ti $18, are on sale now and may be purchased here.

You can take a virtual tour of the exhibit below: