Daniel Bolud at work (Image; YouTube)

In May of 2021 Daniel Boulud proudly announced that he was officially an American citizen. He even posed for a picture of him holding his newly minted papers in one hand and a tiny American flag in the other. Now, perhaps fittingly, he has announced plans to open his first American restaurant. This latest addition to the Boulud empire, which is scheduled to open in fall of 2024, is big, like Texas, covering 16,000 square feet of space in an office tower and condominium in the Flatiron District. And it will serve Americans’ favorite food: steak cooked over an open fire.

But for those who grumble they can already get great steak elsewhere in New York, the space will also include a French café and market that will feature fresh produce, seasonal ingredients, and prepared meals.

Ex-Employees of High-End Italian Eatery Chain Sue for Wage Theft

Shades of Mario Batali. According to WABC, former workers at a group of high-end Italian restaurants have mounted a class action lawsuit against the owners claiming their wages were stolen.

HPH hospitality group, which owns 18 restaurants throughout New York City, including Adrienne’s Pizzabar in Lower Manhattan, has been named in eleven separate actions. The suits accuse the company’s owners of wage theft, not paying for overtime, and deducting pay for lunch breaks despite forcing workers to work through their breaks.

According to the news item, one of the defendants, Nick Angelis, owes more than $283,000 in back wages. Angelis is the owner of Nick’s Pizza in Rockville Centre.