Columbia U. Researchers 3D-Printed a Slice of Cheesecake

3D-printed cheesecake

Scientists have succeeded in 3D-printing steak and chocolate. So why not cheesecake? And while they’re at it, why not make it vegan to boot? CNN reports:

Engineers at Columbia University set out to do just that. A team whipped up a seven-ingredient vegan cheesecake that was assembled and cooked entirely by a 3D-printing machine and — in a new innovation — laser technology, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal NPJ Science of Food.

If you’re thinking of saving up for your own 3D printer so you can whip up your own culinary delights, the study’s co-author, Jonathan Blutinger, offers a word of caution. Owning a 3D printer, he warns, is like having an iPod without any MP3 files… [T]here needs to be a place where you can download recipes, create your own recipes, and get some inspiration for what you can actually do with this machine in order for it to really take off in a big way.”

Here’s video of the cake being made, and I have to tell you, this doesn’t look like any cheesecake I have ever eaten.

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