Marry responsibly (Image: Miller Brewing Company)

No, this is not a scene at Smitty’s Tavern at the end of a long night of drinking. It’s a legitimate scene from a marriage that has been performed by a bona fide legal officiant. At least that will be the case if the individual performing the ceremony is licensed by Miller beer.

As Broken Palate explains, Miller Brewing Company, maker of Miller High Life and Miller Lite, is handing out legal officiant licenses to a limited number of applicants between now and June 15. The license will permit the holder to perform honest-to-Pete marriages. A kit containing the license will include a membership card, business cards, sample text for the wedding ceremony, and a limited-edition Miller High Life x Tie Bar gift set containing a silk pocket square, socks, and a leather beer koozie. Register here. No purchase is necessary.